Think Clean! Go Green!

That is our Motto and its at the heart of our Mission!

We at Big Green Recycling care about the earth and want to save it for our children to enjoy.That is why we propose to do away with the harmful venting of Green House Gases

Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Water Coolers, De-Humidifiers, and any appliance that has refrigerant, are piling up at landfills and there is no easy way to dispose of them. Big Green will pick up your appliances FREE (minimum 10 units in NH). Using our Refrigerant Reclamation Process(RRP)1 we remove the harmful green house gases and store them in an airtight tank. The Tank, when full, is Recycled through proper EPA channels. The appliance gets broken down into it's components and recycled.

This process completely eliminates the appliance without leaving any waste!

If you are a consumer, STOP PAYING 25 dollars to bring your used appliances to the landfills. Call us here at BGR - 1-800-REC_FREE(732-3733) in New Hampshire, outside of NH call 1-603-715-2801. We will schedule a pickup at your doorstep of your appliance for 5$ for each unit that you wish to recycle.

Remember, we only have one Earth, let's take care of it!

Think Clean Go Green

1 Patent Pending